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Differences between Power and Energy

In Peru, electricity generating companies are remunerated mainly on the basis of two criteria: Power and Energy.

Differences between active energy and reactive energy

In our electricity bills, two of the concepts that are charged to final consumers are active energy and reactive energy. Below we present what each one consists of, and thus understand how...

What are Smart Grids?

Smart Grids are intelligent networks that record the behavior and actions of all users connected to these networks. Thus, a sustainable and efficient energy system is ensured. The intelligent network, or Smartgrid,...

Facts to keep in mind about wind energy

Wind energy is obtained from the wind and is produced from the temperature difference between different geographical areas. Wind energy transforms the kinetic energy generated by the wind into mechanical or electrical...

Generación de Energía con Hidrógeno

During the last years, renewable energies have played an important role in the generation of energy, since both in Peru and worldwide the trend is to collaborate with the reduction of emissions,...

Types of Solar Panels

Solar energy is one of the energies from a renewable source, and it is through solar panels that sunlight is converted into energy. What are the types of solar panels? Photovoltaic solar...