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What are Smart Grids?

What are Smart Grids?

Smart Grids are intelligent networks that record the behavior and actions of all users connected to these networks. Thus, a sustainable and efficient energy system is ensured.

The intelligent network, or Smartgrid, has the capacity for bilateral exchange of energy or information. In addition, it has control elements that allow to know the situation of the network, and solve technical problems.

What does a Smart Grid do?

It is a network that manages itself, it has its own electricity generators that can supply energy to those who are connected to the smart network.

Who controls the Smart Grid?

It is the network itself that controls itself, to stay under the desired quality standards.

What are the characteristics of Smart Grids?

  • Flexibility: towards the changes that arise over time, and to solve the failures that may occur.
  • Efficiency: include optimization algorithms to manage all powers and bring energy generation to the market efficiently.
  • Reliability: when a failure occurs, the network must be kept robust enough to solve it.
  • Renewable energies: include solar and wind power plants, among others, that may be associated with electric vehicles.
  • Information: have devices that measure voltages, currents, and power flows. There must be an information centralization system that is capable of managing all the information so that the network is intelligent.

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