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Which is the correct technology?

Which is the correct technology?


Appropriate technology, also known as appropriate or intermediate technology, is one that is designed taking into account various aspects, other than technical ones, such as the environmental, social, cultural, or economic aspects of the people to whom it is addressed.

In this sense, the appropriate technologies could require fewer resources, as they are easier to maintain, and represent lower costs and lower environmental impacts, compared to other types of technology, for which constant participation in its development is required. by the residents.

This implies that there must be a constant transfer of knowledge, analyzed from an intercultural perspective, in order to understand the needs of each sector in which the appropriate technology would be applied, as well as research and experimentation, to reach a socially and environmentally sustainable solution.

Appropriate technology in the energy subsector

Appropriate energy technologies can be applied to those needs of isolated or small-scale areas.

For example:

  • Energy can be generated with first-generation renewable energy resources (RER), that is, with wind turbines and solar panels, and store the surplus in batteries, so that it can be available when required.
  • Resources such as biodiesel, or bioethanol, generated from biomass, could be used as direct biofuels, as a replacement for fossil fuels, in those places where the latter are more expensive.
  • Biogas can be used as a raw material for electricity generation in places where there is an abundant supply of organic waste.

Can suitable technologies only be used in electricity generation?

No. These technologies can be used to meet the needs of people from different sectors, such as construction, housing, health, and sanitation, to name a few.

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