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We finance your plans!

We want you to continue growing, our financial products adapt to your business plans.

Financial Leasing

Financial Leasing

  • Accelerated depreciation.
  • Payment periods between 24 and 36 months.
  • Applies to any personal property subject to evaluation


Financial Leaseback

  • Term 24 or 36 months.
  • Applies to any movable or immovable property subject to evaluation

Advance Savings

Key right

Receive today the savings that will be generated during your contract

Working Capital Loans

Mutual financing

Take advantage of the opportunities, get the loan you need, tailored to your business cycle and keep your business growing.

Pay receipt overdue

Operator mutual financing

If you have overdue bills with your current provider, we help you take that first step towards efficiency.

Do you need another financial product?

We are flexible and adapt to your needs

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Consideraciones: Todos los productos de financiamiento están apalancados en la distribución de energía, no solo puedes ahorrar con nosotros, sino que te apoyamos en tu crecimiento.

Companies that financed their projects with us

Underground cable installation in Paccu

Champiñones Paccu

We design and plan the engineering and construction of warehouses, from the movement of the earth to the erection of the structure. We guarantee the proper electrical and sanitary operation, implementation of structures and equipment of the storage system.

Underground cable installation in Paccu Go to project
Underground cable installation in Paccu

Substation in Ananea, Puno


Renewable energy or “clean” energy is playing a more important role in the world, not only because of its impact against climate change, many companies consider it an important pillar in their economic growth.

We designed, financed and built our client's first solar plant, a photovoltaic plant with 1320 panels (400wp) in a perimeter of 7000m2. As a result, it will supply 8% of the energy they consume, achieving savings of 10%.

Substation in Ananea, Puno Go to project
Substation in Ananea, Puno

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