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Who are we?

Committed to the development of our clients

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We are more than an energy supplier, we offer comprehensive industrial solutions.

We offer comprehensive industrial solutions that help you continue to grow.
Atria has operations in Peru, Chile and Colombia, with the support of more than 650 satisfied customers. In Peru Atria is the company with the largest number of free customers who have opted for more than electricity supply, they have opted for energy to grow.

We want to be part of your success story!

That is why we have offered you a unique value proposition that combines the supply of energy with the financing you require so that you continue building your dreams and with the development of projects that allow you to always be one step ahead.

Our mission is based on building long-term relationships based on trust and transparency and offering you innovative products and services that add value to your business, thus becoming your true strategic partners.

Who its

we are passionate about the electrical industry in Peru


We have a track record with the energy market for 20 years

We are passionate about our clients

We are absolutely aware that we exist thanks to them

We enjoy what we do

We could be doing something else, but we have decided to be in Atria Energía because we have found a space in which we share the same passion for everything we do.

We are flexible, creative and innovative.

We are always thinking about what innovative solutions we can offer to our customers that add more value to them.

We pursue excellence

We want more for our clients, only by giving our best in everything we do can we reach the levels of excellence that our clients deserve and expect from us.

We always do the right thing

We have a commitment with all the people who make up Atria Energía and with the Society in general; demonstrate - as we are doing - that you can build and grow by doing things in a transparent and correct way.

Atria is much more than electric energy.


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Brian Starke
Brian Starke Co-Fundador y CEO de GyG

They’re fluid and easy to engage. Their team also works quicker than us. They send screens for us to approve before we’re done implementing them. Their team knocks it out of the park every time. Their attention to our audience was extraordinary. They’ve been fantastic and the quality of their work's outstanding.
Bryan Lopez
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