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What is energy efficiency?

What is energy efficiency?

What is energy efficiency?

It is about optimizing energy consumption by energy consumers through equipment and appliances, implementing mechanisms to save energy, avoiding energy losses in the process.

It seeks to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, through the purchase and use of equipment or appliances that consume less energy and are friendly to the planet.

Currently, energy efficiency is understood as a consumer choice, which goes hand in hand with "environmental awareness"; however, through the implementation of energy efficiency, lower electricity consumption costs are generated for citizens.

How can it be implemented?

Through energy efficiency labeling and minimum energy efficiency standards (hereinafter, "MEPS"), which are cost-effective policies that serve to improve the technology available in a country, along with the increase in efficiency residential energy.

They seek to achieve:

Greater net energy savings at a point of use, and the net present value of the equipment

Primary energy saving

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Avoided generation capacity

Why implement MEPS?

The use of efficient equipment could contribute to a better use of resources, since the demand for energy is derived from the possession and use of these.

Labeling programs seek to address the problems of imperfect information, since these become a source of clear, objective and timely information on the energy performance of electronic equipment, which allows informed decision making.

For their part, the MEPS mandatory standards could help discriminate against those products that do not meet the standards, so that only those that do can be manufactured, imported and sold in the country.

Current situation in Peru

We still do not have a complete regulation regarding energy efficiency labeling, there is only a regulation regarding the use of LED lighting.

A pending task remains to complement this regulation, so that it covers other equipment and appliances, thus helping to empower the Peruvian consumer from a sustainable perspective and within a social market economy.

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