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Generación de Energía con Hidrógeno

Generación de Energía con Hidrógeno

During the last years, renewable energies have played an important role in the generation of energy, since both in Peru and worldwide the trend is to collaborate with the reduction of emissions, promoting the generation of renewable energies, since they are clean. , inexhaustible, and friendly to the environment.

The most common and used renewable energy sources are solar, wind, hydraulic, and biomass energy, however, there is an element whose use is still under development and can be used as a very efficient energy source: hydrogen.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), hydrogen can eventually take the place of fossil fuels, which are quite harmful to the environment.

How is hydrogen produced?

It is found in a gaseous state, is very abundant and constitutes approximately 75% of the matter in the universe. However, hydrogen is found combined with other elements and that is why it must go through certain chemical processes, and thus use it as an element for the generation of energy.

What can hydrogen be used for?

  • Generation of fuel for automobiles
  • Electricity generation
  • Replacing oil to produce raw materials

What are the classes of hydrogen for power generation?

  • Grey Hydrogen: This class of hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels, which when heat is applied, releases hydrogen and can then be separated during the reaction of methane and steam.
  • Blue Hydrogen: This is produced from carbon dioxide. This production has a moderate impact on the environment since the carbon dioxide produced is captured in the production process and can be stored underground, or processed as raw material.
  • Green hydrogen: This is generated from the electrolysis process, which separates the components of H2O, that is, hydrogen and oxygen. This is why it is called green, since it does not produce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that affect the environment.

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