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Generation with Renewable Energies

Generation with Renewable Energies

It is that generation whose source of origin is found in nature and is inexhaustible.

Which can be Renewable Energies?

  • Wind Energy: Is that which is produced by wind currents. The way that is most used today to obtain energy from the wind is through self-generators.
  • Solar Energy: Is that which is produced by solar radiation. It can be produced by installing solar panels in various establishments.
  • Geothermal Energy: Energy is obtained by harnessing the intense heat of the earth. The most common example is through the eruption of volcanoes.
  • Biomass: Is the use of organic matter as an energy source, such as firewood, the shells and seeds of nuts, and food scraps.
  • Hydroelectric: For the purposes of Peruvian regulation, mini hydroelectric plants (20 MW of power): Energy is obtained thanks to the movement of water currents, such as rivers or waterfalls.


  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduce energy production costs.
  • Energy is produced indefinitely.

Did you know...?

According to the Annual Evaluation Report of the SEIN, for the year 2020 published by the COES on January 08, 2021, 10.11% of the electrical energy production in the SEIN was carried out with Renewable Source Energies, according to the following detail:

  • 3.67% wind generation
  • 1.58% solar generation
  • 0.50% generation with bagasse
  • 0.12% generation with biogas
  • 4.24% generation with water

The total production of the SEIN in 2020 was 49,178.88 Gwh, of which 4,970.55 Gwh come from renewable sources.

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