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Transmission systems in Peru

Transmission systems in Peru

What are the existing transmission systems in Peru?</strong >

In Peru, the transmission of electricity is carried out through the National Interconnected Electric System (SEIN), and the Isolated Systems (SS.AA). The first is integrated by lines of the Main and Secondary Transmission System; as well as by lines of the Guaranteed and Complementary Transmission System; whose characteristics are detailed below:

Main Transmission System

It is the part of the Transmission System common to the group of electricity generating companies of an Interconnected System, which allows the exchange of electricity and the free commercialization of electrical energy.

Secondary Transmission System

It is the part of the Transmission System that is intended for the Transfer of electricity to a distributor or final consumer, from a Bar of the Main System. As part of this system, the installations necessary to deliver electricity from a generation plant to a Bar of the Main Transmission System can be mentioned.

Guaranteed Transmission System

It is the set of transmission assets or facilities that are built as a result of the Transmission Plan, whose concession and construction are the result of a public bidding process.

Complementary Transmission System

It is the set of transmission assets or installations that do not make up the Guaranteed Transmission System, but which are part of the Transmission Plan, and whose construction is the result of the initiative of one or several agents. As well as all those facilities that are not included in the Transmission Plan.

What are the differences between them?

    1. The facilities of the Main Transmission System and the Secondary Transmission System are those facilities that have been classified as such, in accordance with the provisions of the Electricity Concessions Law, approved by Decree Law No. 25844, and whose commissioning it occurred before the enactment of Law No. 28832, Law to ensure the efficient development of Electricity Generation (July 2006).
    2. The installations of the Guaranteed Transmission System and the Complementary Transmission System are those whose commercial operation took place after the enactment of Law No. 28832.
    3. The agents that must make the payment for the Main Transmission System are all the users; while in the case of the Secondary Transmission System, said payment is made by those agents that make use of the aforementioned system.
    4. On the other hand, OSINERGMIN assigns to the final consumers of electricity, the compensation to remunerate the Tariff Base of the facilities of the Guaranteed Transmission System. While in the case of the Complementary Transmission System, the payment responsibility corresponds to the generators or to the demand, or shared between both, depending on the use and/or economic benefit that each installation provides to the generators and/or demand.

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