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Atria's innovative approach: Making customers grow in a pandemic

Atria's innovative approach: Making customers grow in a pandemic


  • Atria is committed to the medium and small Peruvian industry in the most difficult moment in recent years, financing them to boost their business.
  • Since it began operations, it has invested more than 28 million dollars in its clients and managed to save more than 35 million dollars.

Betting on the medium and small Peruvian industry during the worst economic crisis in memory has been the innovative strategy of Atria, the largest marketer of electricity in number of free customers in the country.

With only seven years in the market, Atria offers comprehensive solutions to boost the growth of its clients. “Atria is not just an energy supplier. I think that is the main differentiating factor with the competition. We get closer to the client and we are interested in seeing how we can help them to continue growing. Thus, electricity is the first step in a much more complex chain of relationships.”, said Fernando Vega, Executive Director of the company.

Since March 2020, many industries have been paralyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic, having serious problems in meeting their payments, including electricity. When they were able to restart operations, Atria provided facilities to boost their growth. “Atria has a real commitment to its customers. Your growth is ours. During the first months of confinement, we granted them payment facilities and when they were able to start, we were there to grant them the financing</a > that they needed to come back strong and continue growing”, added Guillermo Cox, also Executive Director of Atria.

Atria seeks to be part of the success story of its clients and total rapport with them is the key. For this reason, since the company began operations, it has granted more than 16 million dollars in financing and invested more than 12 million dollars in infrastructure for its clients. He also managed to save his clients more than 35 million dollars.

We understand your business and therefore what you need: from the design and constructionn from a solar plant to a large industrial warehouse, a packing house, an energy storage system (batteries) or the installation of self-generation equipment, there is no project of our clients that Atria does not make a reality.< /em>,” Vega pointed out.

This total commitment to the growth of its clients has also led Atria to grow steadily until it has 650 free clients and to expand its operations to Chile and Colombia where they are committed to the same value offer.

Commitment to the environment is also present in Atria's DNA. To date, they have installed more than 10 solar plants for clients in Peru and Chile, helping them to effectively reduce their carbon footprint. Atria is not just energy, it is Energy to Grow, concluded Vega and Cox.

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