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Atria Energía designs, finances and builds the largest Solar Power Plant in Chincha

Atria Energía designs, finances and builds the largest Solar Power Plant in Chincha
  • The new photovoltaic solar power plant of your client, Textil Del Valle, will have an occupied area of ​​5,000 m2 and will start operating in February 2020.< /strong>
  • Atria Energía will finance the total cost of the project and will be in charge of its operation during the first five years.
  • Textil Del Valle will be able to self-generate more than 4,500 MWh of clean energy per year.

Lima, January 8, 2020. Atria Energía has begun construction of Textil Del Valle's first solar energy plant in Chincha valued at more than half a million dollars. The project is part of the sustainability standards of Textil Del Valle aligned with the objectives of the United Nations self-generating clean energy.

At Atria Energía we are aware that the world has changed - without turning back - towards generation with renewable energy resources, and therefore , we offer our clients a series of alternatives that allow them to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. In this sense, we are very happy and grateful to our client Textil Del Valle for having entrusted Atria Energía with this transcendental project that places it at the forefront of sustainability in the Peruvian textile sector and on a par with the main international companies in the sector”, indicated Fernando Vega, Commercial Director of Atria Energía.

The commercial commissioning of the project, which constitutes the first part of a more ambitious project, is scheduled for February 2020 and occupies an area of ​​5,000 m2 on the land of Textil Del Valle located in Chincha.

The Textil Del Valle solar plant will work with photovoltaic solar energy, a type of energy that is created from the sun's radiation that is captured by the 1,319 panels that make up the project's network of modules and which is then converted into electrical energy without leaving any trace of contamination in the environment.

About Atria Energy

Atria Energía is a regional energy generation and marketing company with more than 400 industrial clients in Peru and Chile. Atria Energía does not have clients but rather strategic partners to whom it offers the industrial and financial solutions they need to always be one step ahead.

About Textile Valley

Textil Del Valle is a textile company with 32 years in the Peruvian market, manufacturer of clothing with high added value and that stands out for its high weaving techniques, the finest Peruvian Pima cotton yarns and Tangüis and other fine fibers such as alpaca. It has a high commitment to its customers and partners for which it invests in technology, production methods and techniques, as well as product development.

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