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Free Users Quick Guide

Free Users Quick Guide

Is it possible to reduce the electricity bill without lowering energy consumption or investing in efficiencies?

Yes! There are users who can directly contract and negotiate the price of their energy with a generator and/or electricity distributor.

The Peruvian electricity system divides users into two: free and regulated users. These are differentiated by their size, measured through the power they consume.

  • Free users: are users who consume more than 2,500 kW of power. However, those users who consume at least 200 kW can choose this option by expressly requesting it. To be a free user, they must sign a contract with a generator or distributor where they set the energy price, minimum billable power, price update factors, payment terms, among others.
  • Regulated users: are users who consume less than 2,500 kW of power and have not decided to be free users when their consumption exceeds 200 kW of power. The energy price is regulated and defined by Osinergmin.

At the end of 2019, free users represented 40.51% of total energy. This means that approximately 60% of users paid more than the average free user and many could change this situation.

What other requirements are there to be a free user?

According to the Regulation of Free Users, users connected to the SEIN (National Interconnected Electric System) who meet the following requirements may qualify as free:

  • Consumption with contracted power equal to and/or greater than 200 kW in the last 12 months
  • Notify the current supplier 12 months in advance of the change from regulated to free user status.
  • Do not maintain debts with the current supplier
  • Have electrical metering equipment, power limitation equipment and protection equipment

If I become a free customer and change supplier, will the distributor stop serving me?

No! The companies in charge of bringing energy to your property will continue to operate normally, will maintain the same quality of service and will not be able to discriminate against any user regardless of who their suppliers are, according to the LCE (Electric Concessions Law) and the NTCSE (Technical Standard Quality of Electric Services).

How does the energy get there?

So that the energy reaches each place of consumption, it is generated or produced in plants from different sources, these are connected to the SEIN through high or very high voltage electrical transmission (AT and MAT). These cables are connected to substations (SSEE) that feed the cities through the distribution systems with Medium and Low Voltage (MV and LV) cables to the point of consumption. Each of these stages have associated costs.

Transmission and distribution are concessions granted by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, as needed, and are paid with fixed rates set by OSINERGMIN, without the possibility of negotiation.

On the other hand, power generation is a free market and usually has very different costs from one project to another depending on the source used to generate power (hydraulic, thermal, wind, photovoltaic, among others). It is in this component that the unit energy price is determined, which will be applied based on the amount of energy consumed by each free customer.

For more information, between May 2019 and April 2020 the regulated energy price in Lima was S/ 0.1653/kWh.

The benefits of being a free user and contracting with Atria energy:

  • Savings of approximately 20% on electricity bills
  • Preferential technical assistance 24/7
  • Conditions adapted to your needs
  • Advice from our specialized technical team to achieve efficiencies

Unlike other suppliers, Atria offers a tailor-made proposal for each client, adapting to their needs (energy backup, seasonal power, load expansion flexibility, financing, implementation of electrical projects, among others).

At Atria we are flexible, creative and innovative and added to our commitment to the development of our clients we are sure that we have the best solution for you.

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